In the beginning, the practitioners went out with the excuse of taking the dog for a walk, and that is how the name was born.

Some people in Brisbane go to the outskirts of the city if they want to practice dogging, others prefer the central but discreet parts of the city. The important thing is to have someone to relate to in order to go out in search of this exciting way of having sex.

In Brisbane several people usually contact possible people to have sex outdoors via the Internet. Using the Internet, they meet in a specific and perhaps known place where people who like this practice usually appear for that purpose. Once the date, time and place are established, the participants’ cell phone numbers are announced by e-mail or text message. Through this means, those involved will communicate last-minute changes, exchange images and confirm the place where the session will take place. This would be a very common way to find dogging locations. Locations that offer a good view of the city, but are also discreet, safe and out of sight of those who do not practice dogging. Those who practice dogging would be those who would know more about the existence of these locations.

In Brisbane, sex can be practised outdoors. Either in parking lots, parks, or cars. If you look in the right place, you will probably find places where you can practice dogging and people who are willing to do it and have an unforgettable experience.

I was passing through Brisbane, which is a very touristy city. I loved walking around its spectacular gardens during the day and enjoying all that the city had to offer. I was on holiday, and I was attracted to this city.

I’m a girl that likes dogging. Contacting strangers and meeting them in a park or parking lot gets me wet. I usually want to be with several at once if possible, but this particular day I would have been fine even if I didn’t have a meeting with several men.

Before I started dogging, I had not been satisfied with conventional sex. And I had never understood why – until I learned about dogging. It was what made me feel fulfilled. I enjoyed it very much; there was no doubt about it.

I was just on vacation in Brisbane, so I didn’t know anyone which made it perfect. Because there was no chance that I would meet any men I know because I preferred strangers always to show up. In my city where I’m from, it was common to meet people with whom I had already met before. In Brisbane, my first-time visit, I was looking for new emotions.

I dedicated myself to investigate via Internet all the necessary to have some encounter. On Tinder, I found everything I needed. I only had to meet someone somewhere; maybe more men would appear willing to participate. After a couple of hours, I had already met someone in a park that was very close.

Since I didn’t know Brisbane, I didn’t want to meet someone very far from where I was. The park that was nearby was perfect.

Having sex in public places or just watching people have sex. They were both things I enjoyed, but I rarely got to watch. I am the kind of person who always wanted to participate, and I always got it. I decided to go to the park a few minutes before the time I was scheduled, so I could go around and see what was going on. When I arrived, I found a lovely park; there were benches and that kind of thing, the grass seemed to be an excellent place to do it. There were couples, and they were caressing each other or having sex.

I waited a long time, and I was already very excited, but the man I was meeting had not yet appeared. I began to believe that he would never show up, and I was thrilled to see and hear what was going on around me, I was impatient. If he didn’t show up, it was possible that I would join other people who were already there. There was always the possibility of joining.

Finally, someone showed up, and the action began. I didn’t know if anyone else would show up, but I was already very excited and didn’t want to wait any longer. Others could join in as the night progressed. He was a little sceptical at first, and then more sure. He knew it was me he was meeting, so I let him know.

The man I met might have been married. That was something you don’t talk about. He looked around, his hands rested on me, and I began to tremble with excitement.

He put his hands inside the light dress I was wearing because that way, it was easier to pull it out through the head. He did it, and I let myself do it. Several were approaching to find out what was going on, and soon perhaps they would participate. I lay on my back in the grass so that the man could penetrate me. I could hear other moans, and I joined in with them, which were becoming more intense.

Around me, soon there were other men, five of them. Three on one side and two on the other. Their hard cocks. Their hands passed over my body. Two of them, the ones closest to the top, brought their cocks close to my face. I held one of them and waved it, and the other one came closer to my mouth. It took me a while to adapt my sight to the darkness.

The situation was turning me on very, very much; it was a very intense feeling to have so many men around who were willing to penetrate me and give me pleasure. I was moaning with my eyes closed, and I was already starting to put the third man’s cock in my mouth, while I was waving the second man’s hand around and being attacked by the first man, with whom I had had contact.

My excitement grew as I saw the scene being watched by several men who were perhaps waiting to join in. Five guys possessed me!

The first man came. His cum filled my mouth, but I swallowed. Soon the next man took his place. I asked them for more between my moans. The one who was masturbating dropped his semen on my tits. He was still holding his dick, and he glazed it over my tits as well.

I had a very violent and intense orgasm with the second one that was penetrating me. While I was holding a cock in one hand, I had another in my mouth. I was enjoying myself, and that was the important thing.

I live for dogging. I never knew how the night in Brisbane would end, but I knew it would deliver. It was an extremely exciting night. Those men gave me a lot of pleasure, and it was entirely worthwhile to visit Brisbane and go searching for a Dogging experience