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I was planning to go on holiday to Ipswich, Australia; I wanted to go with my boyfriend.

Ipswich, QLD was a lovely place. It has a population of just over 200,000. However, the outer suburbs were very small and cosy. The CBD still has a very important industrial and commercial area. We chose this place just because we wanted to see a larger area of Australia and because there were tourist places nearby such as Lowood, Toowoomba and Gatton. This is what I wanted to visit, and a place this small seemed more suitable for a pleasant and romantic vacation.

We were staying in a lovely hotel, Motel Monaco and we were thinking about what to do that night. We would stay a few days and go to another city, Noosa in the Sunshine Coast to continue the vacation. Actually, to be honest, we wanted to carry out Dogging in several cities, and Ipswich was our choice at that time.

My boyfriend really liked Dogging, and he had initiated me into this world, if I was to be completely honest, I liked it too. The idea of strangers watching me have sex with my boyfriend excited me more than I could ever explain. At first, when he and I started our relationship, I knew he hadn’t told me everything. The idea had been going around in his head ever since we started, and finally, during one of our dates, he confessed to me. I didn’t know what to say, and then I knew that I had to try it out so that I would be sure that it was something that I could enjoy. Every place, every city has its areas where couples have “liberal” encounters, and we were willing to go to several cities looking for these unique places where couples or single people who wanted to watch, would meet and enjoy seeing and being watched.

My boyfriend and I enjoy being watched having sex.

Our encounters were more intense this way, and travelling with him in search of these experiences was extraordinary for me. Sometimes, during these encounters, there were exchanges, but everyone there was waiting for some pertinent signal to be given for this, there were codes, but Will and I did not participate in that way.

We were content to be seen having incredible sex, and that’s how it was from day one. I always thought Will was exaggerating when he told me several of these stories, and the first time we did it, I didn’t know if it was real or an exaggeration, then I witnessed everything was real. That same night we began the search. Will, for his part, had made pertinent inquiries on various Dogging Facebook groups, Swingers clubs and websites. We were instructed to head out to a park called Discovery Park near Springfield Lakes. It is quiet at night, except for the few doggers that regularly attend.

We went by car, but we wanted to get off to explore and see what was going on. I was a little nervous because it was a new city and we started to get closer little by little, hoping that our eyes would adapt to the darkness. On a bench at Discovery Park, a couple was caressing with a lot of passion, and we kept walking looking for a place where we could do the same. There were several cars here and there. We saw some people getting out and approaching. We could hear some moaning in the distance. However, we could not see where exactly they were coming from. Finally, we found a picnic table with benches on both sides and approached it to make ourselves comfortable. I sat down on that table, and he came close enough to kiss and caress me. Just being in that situation, I was very excited. I already felt my pussy wet, and Will had barely touched me.

Dogging in Ipswich


Several people had approached our table and were watching closely. I was wearing a dress, and he pulled it out over my head to bring his kisses to my tits. He ran his tongue over one nipple while gently stroking the other with one hand. I let out a low moan, we had just started, and I was already so excited that I was getting desperate.
The hand that was caressing my other nipple passed to my pussy; I was still wearing panties, so I had to put my hand in. His fingers were soaked in seconds, that’s how wet I was. Several men started watching and touching their dicks. I only saw them once and ignored them the rest of the time, but I knew they were there and enjoyed the beautiful view. Will and I were offering them. We enjoyed being watched as always. His finger was rubbing my clitoris, slipping because of my fluids that almost reached my thighs. I started moaning louder, and my moans were getting more attention. Will moved away from me to unbutton his pants, pulled out his dick and I could see clearly that it was very hard. Pre-seminal fluid had started to come out, so I got off the table to put that hard cock in my mouth. I was moving my head very fast back and forth, and he grabbed my hair to push it even faster and managed to get his dick down my throat. I don’t get that anymore. It produced gagging, and it could hold out a lot like this.

Someone came a little closer and covered up the little light that covered us, and someone else pushed him away again. I continued to suck my boyfriend’s huge, divine cock while my other hand caressed my clitoris. I was crouched in front of him and had access to my pussy, so I stuck a finger in and continued to suck his cock. He kept his eyes closed. I watched him from below until he grabbed my arm to stand up and placed me facing the table to penetrate me from behind.


At that moment, I could see that many more people had arrived there and were staying in the shadows. Will put his dick in my pussy entrance and pushed gently until it was all the way inside my pussy. He started to move slowly and then much faster, his pussy strikes made me move forward too much, and I had to hold on to one side of the table. My moans turned into screams as Will penetrated me very roughly. I held my hair and my head was tilted back as far as it would go. He moved his hips very fast, and my buttocks hit his abdomen, producing a very characteristic sound. He would give me buttocks, and I would scream very loudly, the people present would not move from their seats, they did not want to miss any details. He turned me around, and we were face to face as at the beginning, and he penetrated me while kissing me very passionately, I was very turn on, and I did not think I could stand more and when he began to move again, I had an orgasm that bathed his cock entirely. He stopped for a moment and continued penetrating with everything, kissing me on the mouth, the neck until he came and took it out right away to pour his semen into my abdomen. He hadn’t had time to do it anywhere else. It seemed that the people there had no intention of leaving yet. After that, we went back to the hotel. I thought that our vacation had started very well and there were still several cities to visit…