From time to time, as needed, it was a priority to move from town to town in Australia. My life would change completely, but I didn’t care.

In my city, I had no one, and I wanted to travel and meet other people. I didn’t believe in serious love relationships, so I was keen on doing some dogging. Aussie Dogging I called it. That’s how it had always been and how it would continue to be. I was excited to know what dogging would be like in another country.

In my city, it was typical: in a parking lot and having sex with a friend or acquaintance, while several men outside watched. Most of the time I let them participate, that’s how I liked it and how I found it most exciting.

My trip was scheduled for two days from now, and I was already very anxious. When I arrived, I immediately settled in an apartment that had been previously assigned to me, and I immediately felt very comfortable there. I had planned to go for a walk as soon as I could get some rest after such a long trip. I wanted to get to know the city a little.

Yes, I was already thinking about what dogging in an Australian city would be like, but I couldn’t leave yet, I had to rest. The Internet was a fundamental tool, and since I was new to Australia, it was necessary to resort to this powerful tool. More and more people in the world were Dogging in Australia.

The next day I got up very early and went to what would be my new office in Sydney. I was not going to start working yet, but I wanted to get to know the site and become familiar with the place and with those who would be my co-workers. I was received very well, they were very kind, and one of my colleagues stood out from the group. He was a very handsome Aussie man who would hardly go unnoticed.

I lasted all morning there, and he showed me around. We talked until lunchtime, and it didn’t escape me that he was attracted to me—someone who came from another country and was very beautiful. We got along very well, and he invited me to lunch. I didn’t think twice about it and accepted, so I would know the best places to have lunch near work. For some reason, during lunch, the sexual issue came up (I might have brought it up), and it turned out that we both liked dogging. It was just that Dogging in Sydney City is practised a lot, and it couldn’t have been easier. There was no reason not to, and I told him to take me to one of the places he used to frequent the most at night. I gave him my new address in Bondi Junction, that same night, the Aussie man I met came and picked me up. We headed to one of the best Dogging places in Australia for some Aussie Dogging fun.

I didn’t know what to expect, but he and I would have a lot of sex that night in public! There was no doubt about it. I found the whole experience incredible! My first dogging experience in Australia had been the best I had ever lived, by far.

Dogging Experience

It was extraordinary, in my country, a South American country, it hadn’t been that way. I was beginning to love Australia and Sydney. I was less and less eager to go back home.

The sex had been great, and my co-worker was very relaxed after that first night. We went several times together to different Dogging hot spots in Sydney. Every night, I had such a good time that I realize I truly didn’t understand what Dogging was all about until I arrived in Australia.

After a few months, I had to move again, this time to Melbourne in Australia. I had grown fond of Melbourne, but I knew that would not last long.

Being in Dandenong, with new people, no doubt I thought I would have found new dogging experiences, with or without company. I moved into a new apartment, and that same night I searched the Internet for everything I needed to know about dogging in Frankston.

I had already had several great experiences in Australia; there was no reason to think that in Melbourne, it would be different. I could see what sites were available for that, the events that would take place in each of them, and the dates for each one. I was an Aussie Dogging Slut!

That night, I was ready and headed straight for a park in Dandenong where I knew I would have a great time. There were many places to sit and wait or wait to see someone having sex.

I set up in front of a couple who were having sex inside a car that was nearby and waited there by sticking a hand inside my dress. I was very excited about that vision. They were doing it so hot, and I got so excited that I wanted to participate, I went over to them. They didn’t notice me coming, but I knew they had seen me. I wanted so much to join; I wanted that man to fuck me like he was fucking that woman.

I waited to see if they opened the car door, and they did. I introduced myself and the woman separated from the man to touch and kiss my breasts while I continued to ride on top of the man, he held her by the waist, she stood up a little to kiss my breasts and then stepped aside so that it was me who in those moments rode the man.

He lifted my dress, I was not wearing panties so that everything flowed more quickly, and so I sat on the big cock of that man, the woman sat next to him and kissed. I thought they must be a couple, and I was moving very fast enjoying that big cock that had been offered to me. I turned my head, and several people were outside, but they had closed the car door. Only I was going to participate. I continued to fuck that man, I was moving my hips vertiginously, while she kissed my breasts and he released my waist to insert a finger in her pussy. She and I groaned very loudly almost in unison. I didn’t know if it was because of the whole situation, but I came very quickly.

I got off his dick, and right away she bent over so he could penetrate her doggy style or a variant, given the limitations of that car. As I penetrated her, I stuck a finger in my pussy, so she and I changed positions. He did it very well, he stroked my clitoris from time to time, and I couldn’t take it anymore, and I came a second time. I decided that I had had enough for that night and got out of the car. I was not wrong, dogging in Australia was much better than in my country, I still did not know exactly why, but I said it without fear of being wrong.