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I was ready to live my experience in Brisbane, Australia, as an English student. I came to Brisbane because I did a lot of research about the city, and I realized that I could have more opportunities in this city. The climate in Brisbane was one of the best in the country, only about 20 degrees Celcius in winter, which was perfect for me since I come from a tropical climate where there is no winter. My idea, from the beginning, had been just to stay long enough to study and then return, but I fell in love with the city right away. Brisbane’s parks have beautiful designer gardens. The cafes, restaurants, architecture, the centre of the city with its big buildings, the barbecues, all of this seemed wonderful to me.

Brisbane’s summers seemed to be very hot, but where I come from the weather could be up to 39 degrees in August, so I thought I could hold out very well.

Since my arrival, people were very kind to me, and I was able to enjoy all that energy, as it had arrived in spring and turned out to be a very appropriate season. I felt that if it was about studying and having a good experience in another country, Brisbane was the right place. The carefree atmosphere of that place was welcoming at the same time. Brisbane is such a large city that at first managed to intimidate me; however, I would get used to it. I was thinking about all the places I wanted to visit when, in reality, I had to worry about where to settle and study.

I was young, only 21 years old, and everything there impressed me. There was a group of people who took care of everything concerning giving information to newcomers like me, as well as welcoming them to Sunnybank, Brisbane. It had all the potential to be one of the cities most chosen by the students. I was excited, and I couldn’t wait to start my new life there.

My first experience with an Aussie guy in Brisbane
I met a guy. I don’t want to disclose too much about him, but he was one of the people in charge of reporting everything there was to know about Brisbane. He was a very handsome, polite, kind boy, and he treated me very well. We got along very well right away. My English was not the best, but he defended me very well, and we understood each other instantly. I was anxious to ask him to take me to the most emblematic places in the city, also for a picnic in a park or a barbecue. I was thinking very positively about those moments. I settled down, and as the days went by, I liked Brisbane and Queensland more and more.

Let’s just say the name of the boy I had met was Lucas. I thought it was a beautiful name. We communicated daily, for which I had to be very grateful, because as it was obvious, I did not know anyone else in the city, so he invited me to know a little more about it. He passed by me, and we went to a big green space in the center Brisbane CBD, a big garden with a view of the winding Brisbane River. The Brisbane River view from above impressed me, and we settled down to enjoy a picnic.

We talked about everything, Lucas loved to read as much as I did, and we talked about it for a long time. Lucas was also going to the Brisbane University of QLD. I was instantly attracted to him, not only was he handsome, but he was also a cultured guy who could be talked to for many hours. I was enjoying that afternoon more than I had ever experienced it, and I looked at Luke with an expression of both admiration and attraction. He noticed it, and to my great surprise, he bent over a little, looked at me with eyes full of desire. Still, he didn’t go all the way, perhaps to find out if I wanted to, so I bent over to kiss him holding his head from behind, and it was a very passionate kiss that caused a kind of electric current to run down my whole back and made me tremble. Since we met there had been a very strong sexual tension, and at that time it was more than proven. It was a kiss that cried out for a bed; however, I was getting ahead of myself, and there was no need for a bed. We continued kissing, lying down on the blanket we had brought as if we were completely alone. He was running his hands through my hair, and I had the slightest suspicion that he didn’t care if we were seen. I stopped him, but he wanted to continue. I sat down again while we didn’t stop kissing, there in the middle of that beautiful garden. We were getting very eager to get naked right there among those flowers and all that greenery, but it was something I wasn’t used to, and to my regret, I stopped him once again. He looked at me strangely but immediately suggested going to one of those cafe-restaurants nearby to eat and drink something. It had been a pleasant afternoon. We left in his car, although we were close anyway, and when we got to the entrance of the cafe, we were still kissing, and I thought that I would not be able to stand it anymore, he seemed not to control himself either. We ate and drank something while giving each other looks of contained desire.

Lucas introduced me to my first public sex session in Australia.

We went back to the car, and this time he was direct, he proposed something that I had never experienced in my life, it was something new for me, like everything in that city. According to what Lucas explained to me, we had all the ingredients for public sex Dogging in Brisbane we called it: a car and a great desire to have sex in every possible way. I was mainly thinking about the unknown about what I expected to be entirely new for me, and I was very excited by that prospect. On the way, Lucas was touching my leg, going all the way up to my thighs, I was wearing a pretty spring dress that I thought was very appropriate and that made things easier for him. That practice, it was supposed to be done in public or places that were destined for that, I did not know where we were going, but for some reason that generated more desires and had placed much confidence in Luke. We arrived at the place, and everything was dark, there were other cars there, but I noticed that most of those men were alone. At the moment I didn’t care, I was excited not knowing what was going to happen and I let myself go. Lucas kept explaining to me what it was all about; however, I just wanted to experience something new, and with much more reason if it was with someone, I liked as much as Lucas. He told me that afterwards we could go to a bar and repeat what we would do there. I laughed and raised my head to see him, and he had a big smile on his face, it was a very naughty smile that made me wet even more. He parked and left the light on, I could not see well, but I knew there were people out there who would see everything that was about to happen, that made me very hot. We got in the back seat.

Lucas lifted up my light dress and lowered my panties while kissing my abdomen. With his tongue, he made a particularly pleasant journey down my inner thighs, taking his time. I kept my eyes closed and didn’t think about the men who were watching from the outside. Finally, he gently ran his tongue through my pussy and then lapsed faster. I arched my back as he continued to eat my pussy with great eagerness. He sat down, I took off my dress completely and began to lick, suck his cock, which was hard and solid as a rock. I licked his glans, his trunk, his balls, and finally got it down my throat, which made me retch, but I could control it. He moved his hips and grabbed me by the head so that I almost drowned, but that made me even more excited if that was possible. I stood up and sat on his cock.

I moved my hips back and forth. My movements made the men out there come a little closer to the car. It was a very rare yet exciting experience for me. Lucas would spank me, which made a lot of noise along with my screaming and moaning, I couldn’t lift my hips too high in that car without hitting my head on the roof. As I moved faster and faster, I put one hand on the roof of the car so that I wouldn’t hit my head. He grabbed my hips to set the pace, and I had a very violent orgasm that left me shaking from head to toe. I didn’t know what men were doing out there; they didn’t miss anything that was going on in the car. As I could, I settled down in such a way that I was able to stay doggy style, and he penetrated me and rammed me with everything he had. My head was hitting the seat at that time. I was going at a dizzying speed and thought I was trying to attack my humanity until I felt a second orgasm on my part coming, the mine produced him, and his sperm went behind my back. That would be one of the best experiences I had in Brisbane, which I will never forget… public car sex in Australia became a common thing after that.

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